Air Hose Alarm

Air Hose Alarm

An Air Hose Alarm can notify key personnel as soon as air pressure is lost. Air hoses are prominently used in manufacturing. When air pressure is lost, significant downtime can occur and cost you money. Both visual and audible air hose alarms are available to alert immediately when pressure is lost. Connect anywhere in the line via quick connect adapters.

Built with a field adjustable pressure switch, this air hose alarm model can be set directly by the user. The pressure switch has a large range of 1-125 PSI and is encased in a protective switch boot. It can monitor pressure rises or falls at a specific point.

Using a stack light notification system with optional audio alarm, facilities personnel can be alerted as air pressure rises or falls within the system. Prevent and fix issues before they cause significant down time and production loss by installing adjustable pressure monitors in your facility.

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