Comparative Pressure Switch

A comparative pressure switch is a sensitive single pole switches that can be used as pressure or vacuum switches, or as differential pressure switches.

A comparative pressure switch can monitor the difference between two systems. Sensing a low range of pressure, these single pole single throw differential pressure switches monitor air pressure in sensitive environments and sense when low pressure occurs. Sensitive differential switches are weatherproof and explosion proof can be factory set or adjustable simplified calibration.

These sensitive switches are the perfect for those needing a sensitive, adjustable switch at an affordable price. These switches sense very low pressures such as less than an inch of water (Range = 0.25 inches of water to 35 inches of water). For a frame of reference, a trumpet player blows 55 inches of water (or 2 Psi) on average, so these switches are very sensitive. They can be setup to sense either pressure, vacuum, or the difference between two sources of pressure or vacuum. The switches can respond to rapid pulsing and their gold-plated silver contacts will handle low level switching currents.

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