Fixed Set Point Pressure Switches

Presair is a leading manufacturer of both adjustable pressure switches and fixed set point pressure switches. Our fixed set point pressure switches are set at the factory to the specifications and parameters to fit our customers’ requirements. Factory set pressure switches have a range of 0.25 inches of water to 65 Psi. Our field adjustable pressure switches allow our customers the flexibility of easily setting the switch parameters in the field as driven by the needs of the project.

Tinytrol pressure switches provide versatile and convenient sensing. Their miniature size and variety of connection styles for simple implementation into any system. These switches allow for simple electrical on/offcontrol over pressure (0.25-65 Psi) . As pressure rises or falls, one contact opens as the other closes. This provides a perfect solution for monitoring, controlling, and notifying. Tinytrol Miniature Pressure Switches are preset at the factory to actuate at your specific requirements.

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