Hot Tub Vacuum Switch

Hot tub vacuum switch is a safety suction switch found on Cal Spas. This vacuum switch is located in front of the hot tub pumps and often found under a blue or yellow rubber covering. A faulty safety suction switch can cause pumps and heater to shut down.

Original equipment manufacturers worldwide use safe switching products designed and manufactured by Presair.

Spas, whirlpools, jetted baths and hot tubs incorporate Presair’s high quality, UL approved switches and controls. Other important applications are medical equipment, plumbing and HVAC equipment and products for the home.

Presair’s Air Switching Technology is found in hundreds of thousands of pools, spas, hot tubs, and saunas worldwide. As a reliable OEM for many different brands and styles, we promise to offer a safe, reliable, and low cost solution.

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