Outdoor Foot Pedal

Presair’s outdoor foot pedal makes operating pumps and other outdoor equipment safer by using an air-actuated switch system to isolate the user from the current, even in wet or hazardous environments. The convenience of “hands free operation” allows remote control operation from a distance – even up to 100′ and it’s easy to install. Presair’s outdoor foot pedal can be used in outdoor environments, such as controlling lighting, fountains, sprinklers, etc. Because of the waterproof and shockproof air switching technology, the foot pedal is safe to operate in hazardous environments. Available both momentary and alternate latching action.

Presair air actuated foot pedals are shockproof, explosion-proof and waterproof.

The pneumatic foot pedals contains an internal air bellow. When pressed, it sends a pulse of air through a tube to an air switch. Action may be momentary, alternate or sequencing.

Presair also supplies electric foot pedals, which are a low profile option providing high performance at a low cost.

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