PSW20 Series

The PSW20A Omega pressure switches are manufactured by Presair cross referencing to our adjustable low sensing switches, D1000E. The PSW20A pressure switch has an adjustable pressure range of 0.4-15 inches of water and is UL rated at 50 mA @ 250 Vac (resistive).

These sensitive single pole switches can be used as pressure or vacuum switches, or as differential pressure switches.

These Sensitive Single Pole Switches can be used as Pressure or Vacuum Switches (from 0.25 inch of water to 15 inches of water) or as Differential Pressure Switches. Making the switch function as a Differential Pressure switch, or a Comparative Pressure switch, would require a two source system. The switch would actuate when the gap between the two sources of pressure is further apart than the set point of the switch. The switch responds to rapid pulsing and the gold plated silver contacts will handle low level switching currents.

Other adjustable ranges up to 35 inches of water are available. Please contact us with your application requirements.

Adjustable air bleeds can be supplied on either side of the diaphragm for pulse sensing applications involving safe edges or bellows.

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