The PSW21ND Omega vacuum switches are manufactured by Presair cross referencing to our adjustable pressure and vacuum switches. The PSW21ND vacuum switch has an adjustable vacuum range of 13-25 inches of water and is UL rated at 21 amps. PSW21ND is double pole, double throw (SPDT) and 1/8 MNPT fitting and 9/16 threaded mounting nut included.

These compact pressure and vacuum switches are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to meet the needs of OEM manufacturers and instrument makers for a low cost, stable, repeatable switch. Plastic mechanisms and housings are acetal to minimize moisture absorption and maintain dimensional stability. Plastic welding is accomplished using advanced microprocessor controlled ultrasonic welding equipment. All switches are 100% tested at high and low settings and at the proof pressure. Units are delivered with the setpoint at approximately the midpoint of the adjustable range.

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