The PSW24-1P Omega pcb pressure switches are manufactured by Presair cross referencing to our printed circuit board mounted pressure switches. The PSW24-1P pcb pressure switch is factory set at 1 Psi and is UL rated at 1 amp resistive 250 Vac. PSW24-1P is single pole, single throw (SPST) and is a threaded mount with center spout for 1/8″ ID tubing.

These miniature single-pole switches are used in pressure and vacuum applications in which moderate accuracy is sufficient. The fixed set point is factory set.

  • Miniature single pole and double pole switches, used as air switches in combination with Presair actuators. Momentary action.
  • Rating: 1 Amp Resistive, 120/240 VAC; UL recognized for 100,000 operations.
  • Material: Rynite/acetal body, silicon diaphragm, gold pins and contacts, stainless steel springs and screws.

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