Septic Air Pressure Switch

A septic air pressure switch senses when air is pumped into the aeration system. The control panel includes pump power switches, alarm, and alarm reset switch or button. Once the alarm needs to be reset the air button is pressed sending a pulse of air to the air switch, which resets the septic system.

The Presair diaphragm septic air pressure switch can be used to monitor rising water levels and prompt a sump pump to action. These switches sense pressure against the diaphragm to accurately read how much water is present in a system. As the water level rises in a sump basin, the air pressure pushing against the diaphragm builds within the switch. Therefore, the switch is preset to actuate at a specific water level. When the specified water level is reached, it will generate a precise pressure in the basin. The diaphragm is calibrated to complete a circuit at that exact moment and initiate the pump.

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