SPDT Pressure Switch

Presair’s SPDT pressure switch performs in critical applications that senses performance spikes and other extreme conditions. These switches sense a change in the pressure and open or close an electrical circuit when the designated set point is reached. Presair’s pressure switches are offered both field adjustable or factory set. The SPDT pressure switch is ideal for original equipment manufacturers and instrument makes to meet the exacting standards for a low cost solution. Pressure switches can sense a pressure range from 1.5-125 Psi.

Presair pressure switches make electrical contact when a certain set pressure has been reached on its input.

By providing on/off switching from a pneumatic source, Presair pressure switches deliver critical benefits:

  • Safe and Convenient: Remote operation with complete electrical isolation. UL Recognized.
  • Economical: Costs less than conventional controls
  • Accurate: Highly stable with good repeat accuracy. All switches are 100% tested at high and low settings and at proof pressure.
  • Reliable: Minimal moisture absorption and maximal dimensional stability.

For more information, view a complete product guide of our pressure switches or contact us.

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