Thermo Gas Guard Pressure Switch

Presair manufactures a thermo gas guard pressure switch that is factory set to open at 9.5 Psi rising and closes at 11 Psi falling. Purchase your Thermo Fisher Gas Guard pressure switch below.

Presair pressure switches make electrical contact when a certain set pressure has been reached on its input.

Tinytrol Pressure Switches are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers and instrument makers for a low cost, stable switch, and good repeat accuracy. The Tinytrol pressure switches are factory set from 1.5 Psi to 65 Psi. Contact us for more information.

• 1/8 NPT, Center Air Spout


• 25 Amp @ 250 VAC

• Factory Set at 11.5 Psi rising and 9.5 Psi falling

• UL and CUL Recognized

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