Push Button Actuators

Push Button Air Bellow Actuators

All air push button actuators have a sealed internal air bellow to prevent water from entering the air tube that connects the air button to the air switch.

Air buttons are commonly used in pool and spa applications located spa side controlling the air switches connected to the spa’s equipment, such as blower, pump, heater, or lights. Other common applications include garbage disposals, indoor/outdoor lighting, or medical and other industrial applications.

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Push Button Air Bellow Actuator

Push Button Air Actuator

Hard Push Buttons

B225          Contemporary Actuator. Raised or flush.
B318          Flush Economy ™ Actuator, push fit
B320          Flush Economy™, actuator threaded
B513          Small Bezel & Actuator, long stem or short stem
B330          Sm. Diameter Actuator, push fit to 1″. sched. 40                    pipe
B340          Small Diameter Actuator, thread mounts


Soft Air Bellow Actuator

Soft Air Bellow Actuator

Soft Push Buttons

B142           UV Resistant PVC. Available white &                                      black
B143           Large diameter with custom decal
B145           Squeeze bulb & tube, PVC material
B141           Mounts on wall or other flat surface


Internal Air Bellow

Internal Air Bellow

Air Bellows

Internal air bellow actuators for push buttons and foot pedals.

B415                            For use in foot pedals
B414BA/B470A-1        For use in buttons
B465                            Small domed air bellows
B470A                          Hard internal Bellows

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