Push Button Air Switch Cross Reference

As an easy guide for you we have created this simple cross reference guide to help you find the part you need. If you have one of the part numbers listed below, simply match it to our part number.

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Presair supplies push button air actuators to coincide with our air switches. Presair switches are UL and CUL Recognized. All switches are made in the United States and our direct customer service would be happy to help you find the right switch for your application.

Air buttons are commonly used in pool and spa applications located spa side controlling the air switches connected to the spa’s equipment, such as blower, pump, heater, or lights. Other common applications include garbage disposals, indoor/outdoor lighting, or medical and other industrial applications. These small pneumatic controls make operating equipment in hazardous environments safe.

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Push Button Air Switches

B142BA Air Bellow Actuator, Push Button Air Switch

Find your part number listed below for the direct replacement option:

Your Part Number Our Part Number Item Description Buy Now
6433 Series B14 Series Panel Mount Air Bellows Contact Us
6442 Series B225 Series Large Push Button Switches Contact Us
6438 Series B370 Series Mini Push Button Switches Contact Us
MPT Series B370 Series Decorative Air Transmitter Contact Us
PT Series B14 Series Bulb style air transmitter Contact Us

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