You may be wondering what the compatible tubing size is for your air switch, pressure switch, or vacuum switch.  What ID do you need? How about the OD? We have put together a quick guide to make this selection process much more simple! The most common tubing size is 1/8″ inner diameter. Multiple lengths available, contact us for custom lengths and options. To purchase tubing, click on the link below.

Tubing Description tubing choices

Tubing is an important component of an air switch system so being sure that you have the compatible tubing ID and OD is key. Decreasing the inside diameter and limiting the flexibility of the tubing walls can extend the usable length of an air switch system and also make the system more responsive. These factors must be balanced by other requirements of the system including kinking due to bending, the possibility of crushing, ease of handling and economy.

Part numbers UVT-0205-BK and UVT-0306-BK are made of flexible black PVC and can be cut to fit your specific requirements.  Other options are available, contact us for more information!

  • • Black Air Tubing
  • • 1/8″ Inner Diameter (I.D.)
  • • 5/16″ Outer Diameter (O.D.)


  • Black Air Tubing
  • 3/16″ Inner Diameter (I.D.)
  • 3/8″ Outer Diameter (O.D.)
  • Compatible with Series TN switches & 10117 Aluminum Adapter.
Additional Tubing Options 

T12060C        Clear – 0.12″ I.D., 0.24″ O.D. – Standard Option.
T10040C        Clear – 0.10″ I.D., 0.19″ O.D. – Great for long distance & sensitive applications.
N3                  Clear – 0.12″ I.D., 0.31″ O.D. – Reinforced Braided Tubing
T06040B        Black – 0.06″ I.D., 0.12″ O.D. – Adapter required. Maximum sensitivity & distance.

Now, you may be wondering how to connect your foot petal to an air switch. Keep reading for a how to guide to make the process quick and easy!

Presair’s foot pedal air actuators are pneumatic footswitches. The pneumatic foot pedals create shockproof, explosion proof and waterproof system as there is no voltage at the point of actuation. When the foot pedal is pressed it sends a pulse of air through a tube to our air switch which then operates a piece of equipment.

Presair’s foot pedals are used in a range of applications including medical, industrial machinery and for the home.

Black PVC Air TubingHow to:

The process is quite simple but it is crucial to make sure your connection is tight and secure.

Presairs’ Standard Foot Pedals either come with 1/8″ or 5/16″ outside diameter tubing already connected to the pedal. Standard length of tubing supplied with Presair’s foot pedals is 10 feet, with other lengths available.

F800BA Circular shape, 5/16″ O.D.
B350BA Low profile 1/4″ O.D.

B621BA Rectangular shape 1/4″ O.D.
B721BA Clam shell shape 1/4″ O.D.

Take the end of the tubing that is not connected to the pedal and slip it directly over the air spout on your air switch. Press firmly to be sure there are no air leaks.

To test if the connection is correct, press your foot pedal and listen for a click on the air switch. If you hear the click, that means the contacts on the air switch are opening and closing and the pedal and switch are operating correctly.


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