Proudly built in the U.S.A., while maintaining affordability, Presair’s air, pressure and vacuum switches are designed to the highest quality to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers.

Our air switches provide pneumatic control solutions for many wet and other hazardous environments when paired with one of our many air bellow actuators. Presair’s air switches are available in multiple different switching functions including momentary, alternate latching or sequencing. Common air switching applications include garbage disposals, spa controls and equipment controls.

Presair has been helping people control pressure and vacuum applications for over 25 years. Our pressure and vacuum switches are an ideal solution for sensing minimal air volume in a system as low as 0.25 inches of water to 125 Psig.

With our knowledge and expertise, Presair aims for top of line customer support and convenience. Browse our products below to find the perfect switch for your air, pressure or vacuum solution or contact our tech support for more information.

For large quantity orders (25+) please consult factory for price discount and shipping.


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