Electric medical equipment may create sparks that can shock an operator or patient, or there may be danger of igniting combustible gasses. Presair’s pneumatic switching technology for medical applications incorporate remotely actuated switches that are used when equipment manufacturers need to isolate the operator or the patient from electrically operated equipment.

Pool & Spa

Presair’s pneumatic switch technology for Pool & Spa applications can be found in hot tubs, spas, and pool’s world wide. Pneumatic switching technology is used to control various functions in pools, spas, & hot tubs, such as controlling the jet pumps which in turn, operate the water jets.


Presair’s pneumatic switching technology for industrial applications is used when manufacturers want to separate the switch from the point of actuation, either for safety or convenience.


Presair’s pneumatic switching technology can be used in a variety of home & DIY applications. Presair’s pneumatic switching technology creates a safe switching mechanism at home where water, fire or other hazardous material may be present, such as a kitchen, outdoors, or in the bathroom.

Other Applications

Original equipment manufacturers worldwide use pneumatic switching technology designed & manufactured by Presair. Presair’s pneumatic switches & controls are considered the most advanced & reliable in their class. Pneumatic switching technology can be used in a variety of additional settings & applications including operating sporting equipment or monitoring oxygen level in commercial diving equipment.

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