Surgical Smoke Evacuator
Surgical smoke is produced when the tissue is destroyed by heat through the use of lasers […]
Low Profile Pneumatic Foot Pedal, Pneumatic Foot Switch
Have questions on how to connect your foot pedal to an air switch? Keep reading for […]
Hard Foot Pedals
Why do you need a foot pedal for your laser epilation equipment? Long term laser hair […]
Hands free patio lighting
Hands free patio lighting is hassle free with our Pneumatic Foot Pedal Air Switch, part number […]
tubing choices
You may be wondering what the compatible tubing size is for your air switch, pressure switch, […]
Low Profile Pneumatic Foot Pedal, Pneumatic Foot Switch
The Presair B350BA Series Low Profile Pneumatic Foot Pedal is IPX8 rated and is suitable for […]
Tennis Ball
Presairs Pneumatic Foot Pedals are used in all sorts of interesting applications. One of our customers uses […]
Foot Switch Controls Microscope
The Presair air switching system is found in hazardous environments where equipment needs to be running, […]
Hard Foot Pedals
Industrial Foot Switch Operates Robot. Over at Presair we discovered a new application for our foot […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switches
Air Switch Reduces Risk of Electric Shock Recently, we came across a consumer that has been using […]
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