Foot Pedal Actuator in Cauterization
In the world of medical procedures, precision, control, and efficiency are paramount. Cauterization, a technique used […]
Pressure washer with foot pedal
Gone are the days of reaching for buttons and levers to control your pressure washer. With […]
Smoke plume pneumatic controls Presair
Surgical smoke is produced when the tissue is destroyed by heat through the use of lasers […]
Laser epilation foot petal Presair
Why do you need a foot pedal for your laser epilation equipment? Long term laser hair […]
Hands free patio lighting Presair
Presair’s foot pedal controls lighting both indoor and outdoors, such as, holiday lights, patio lights and […]
Foot Pneumatic Switch Tennis Machine
  Presair’s Pneumatic Foot Pedals are used in all sorts of outdoor applications. One of our […]
Screen Printing Wash Booth Switch
The Presair air switching system is found in hazardous environments where equipment needs to be running, […]
robotics foot switch
Presair has recently uncovered a groundbreaking industrial application for our pneumatic foot switch, and we are […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switch Push Button
Presair air switch products create a safe switching mechanism where water, fire or other hazardous material […]
Dog Wash Station Switch Presair
Presair’s pneumatic foot switch is a great solution in wet and other hazardous environments, like pet […]
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