Air Switching Technology for Pool Heaters
The Presair Air Switching System is found in heaters for pools, spas, and hot tubs worldwide. […]
Air Switching For Pool Pumps
The Presair Air Switching System is found in pool pumps for spas and hot tubs worldwide. […]
WHY PRESAIRS TINYTROL AIR SWITCH? A clear view of Presairs TinyTrol Air Switch up against top competitors […]
B225CF Push Button Air Acutator, Chrome
——————————————————————— Most Common Pool and Spa Air Switches Presair Air Switches are found in hundreds of […]
Foot Switch Controls Microscope
The Presair air switching system is found in hazardous environments where equipment needs to be running, […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switches
Air Switch Reduces Risk of Electric Shock Recently, we came across a consumer that has been using […]
Push Button Air Switch
Presair air switch products create a safe switching mechanism where water, fire or other hazardous material […]
Pond Fountain Foot Pedal Switch
——————————————————————— Air Switches Are A Safe Alternative For safe actuation of electrical devices such as motors […]
Foot Switch Controls Microscope
——————————————————————— In this example, we explore its usefulness turning on a lighted microscope. Often times, a […]
Magnifying glass foot pedal power switch
Presair’s Hands-Free Foot Pedal Provides Convenience and Control When Power Switching In this example, we explore […]
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