Air Switch Amperage
Switches are not over current devices but control devices, meaning that switches are rated for the […]
Vacuum Monitor CNC Vacuum Table
Presairs’ vacuum monitor is a great solution for CNC machines that utilize a vacuum table. The […]
Presair Adjustable Vacuum Switch Comparison
Why Presairs Adjustable Vacuum Switch? A clear view of Presairs Adjustable Vacuum Switch up against top […]
Miniature Vacuum Switches
WHY PRESAIRS TINYTROL MINIATURE VACUUM SWITCH?  A clear view of Presairs Tinytrol Miniature Vacuum Switch up against […]
Presair Solution to Confirming Vacuum
Over here at Presair, we are dedicated to finding you a solution that will fit your […]
How To Adjust Vacuum
Many of Presair’s vacuum switches are field adjustable. This allows you to adjust the point of actuation to […]
Factory Set Pressure Switch
Factory Set Pressure And Vacuum Switch Guide As an easy guide for you we have created this […]
Pressure Alarms
Pressure & Vacuum Switches – Rise/Fall Set Points & Hysteresis Whether using temperature, pressure, or current, […]
Air Pressure Switch, Vacuum Switch
What’s the Difference Between a Pressure and Vacuum? Pressure and vacuum switches can look exactly the […]
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