Air Switch Amperage
Switches are not over current devices but control devices, meaning that switches are rated for the […]
Factory set pressure switch
WHY PRESAIRS’ TINYTROL MINIATURE PRESSURE SWITCH?  A clear view of Presairs Tinytrol Miniature Pressure Switch up against […]
Low Pressure Sensing Switches
With COVID-19 on the rise worldwide, the medical industry is facing a shortage of ventilators. Each […]
adjustable pressure switches monitor
Presair is a leading manufacturer of adjustable pressure switches monitor pressure levels of holding tanks, airlines, and […]
Diaphragm Pressure Switch
The Presair diaphragm pressure switch and vacuum switch has the option of different material dependent on […]
Factory Set Pressure Switch
Factory Set Pressure And Vacuum Switch Guide As an easy guide for you we have created this […]
PCB Mount Switch
PCB Pressure, Vacuum or Differential Switch As an easy guide for you we have created this […]
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