D1000 Pressure or Vacuum Switches
——————————————————————— Pressure & Vacuum Switching Contact Mode Our D1000 Series is a sensitive, low force switch […]
Adjustable Pressure Switch
Many of Presair’s pressure switches are field adjustable. This allows you to adjust the point of actuation […]
Differential Pressure Transmitter Switch
As an easy guide for you we have created this simple cross reference guide to help […]
Air Pressure Switch, Vacuum Switch
What’s the Difference Between a Pressure and Vacuum? Pressure and vacuum switches can look exactly the […]
Adjusting Pressure Switch, Adjustable Pressure Switch, Adjustable Vacuum Switch
We had a customer that had an interesting request. They wanted to add water from the […]
Pressure Alarm notification
Monitoring airline pressure has never been easier with Presairs Pressure Monitor. By pairing a pressure switch […]
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