Hands free patio lighting
Hands free patio lighting is hassle free with our Pneumatic Foot Pedal Air Switch, part number […]
tubing choices
You may be wondering what the compatible tubing size is for your air switch, pressure switch, […]
Tennis Ball
Presairs Pneumatic Foot Pedals are used in all sorts of interesting applications. One of our customers uses […]
Foot Pedal Air Switch
Presair’s pneumatic foot switch extension cord is a great solution in wet and other hazardous environments, […]
Low Profile Pneumatic Foot Pedal, Pneumatic Foot Switch
As an easy guide for you we have created this simple selection guide to help you […]
Foot Pedal Air Actuator Pneumatic Air Switch
Pneumatic Foot Switch Operates Sewer Cleaning Machines Presair’s pneumatic foot pedals are a great solution for […]
Christmas Light Foot Pedal
——————————————————————— While lighting your outdoor Christmas decorations, using the PBA-01 converter box paired with an air […]
Air Switching Technology
  Using the PBA-01 converter box paired with an airfoot switch, wiring is made easy and […]
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