Customer Reviews/ Testimonials

Customer Reviews/ Testimonials

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This is an amazing pressure alarm. It is compact and with the optional magnets I can move it anywhere I want. Plenty loud enough to be heard in a noisy plant. I will purchase more as spares and some for more places in the plant. They are very easy to adjust. I highly recommend these if you are considering a low cost audible alarm for your plant air or other inert gasses.
Pressure monitor alert stack light and audible alarm
Jason Mark
Adjustable Pressure Monitor

I bought this to install on an oxygen line in a veterinary clinic. We needed something to indicate a loss of pressure, and this was perfect. The price is great and the quality is very high too. Would recommend to anyone.

Vacuum Alarm Monitor

Ben Weber

Adjustable Pressure Alarm

My new foot pedal is wonderful. Very effective with very little pressure. I use it to turn on/off a sump pump in my show dogs’ bath tub. There’s always some water on the floor, and this adds a level of safety for electricity use.

Foot Pedal Air Actuator Pneumatic Air Switch


F800BA Soft Foot Pedal

PresAir was extremely helpful. After USPS lost the shipment, PresAir came through with great customer service. I recommend them, highly!


Tinytrol Air switch

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