Vacuum Monitor For CNC Vacuum Table

Presairs’ vacuum monitor is a great solution for CNC machines that utilize a vacuum table. The tables are used with flat sheets for metals, woods, papers, foils, and plastics.

Vacuum tables’ generate hold-down force, due to the difference in vacuum under the actual part. There is also atmospheric pressure that’s pushing down from above. Ultimately, keeping a flat surface  when milling, drilling, carving, engraving, or cutting is crucial in order to ensure precise measurements.Vacuum Monitor For CNC Vacuum Table This is because the slightest drop or spike in vacuum can cause a bowed table surface. The automation capability of a CNC machine is an important specification as it requires no human to operate the machine. Instead, a computer independently performs the job. This avoids down time or automation issues, which saves time and reduces bottlenecks.


Product Description: 

The vacuum monitor features a bright light and optional audio alarm which notifies you the moment vacuum falls too low or rises too high. As a result, this can grab the attention of qualified personnel. In summary, you will be able to prevent and fix issues before they create significant downtime.

Pressure/ Vacuum monitor alert stack light and audible alarm

The vacuum switch is located on the stack light, which is field adjustable on the microswitch carrier. Remember to use a Phillip’s head screwdriver. All switches work well at high, low, and proof pressure. Also, optional magnets are available, which allow you to place the stack light anywhere on a metal surface.

Vacuum Monitor Kit includes:
  • Adjustable Vacuum switch (range: 2.5 – 300 Inches of Water).
  • Differential Vacuum ±10 Inches of Water.
  • Protective switch boot.
  • Stack light with optional audio alarm function.
  • Magnets on light base (optional).

Additionally, the adjustable vacuum switch is UL & CUL rated for 100,000 cycles at 5 Amps @ 240VAC.

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