PM10510A – Adjustable Pressure Switch

Standard Pressure Switch
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Adjustable Pressure Switch

Mounting Style: 1/8 NPT + 9/16”  -18 Thread Mount

Adjustable Pressure Range: 20-50 inches of water

Switch Circuit: SPDT

UL Rating: 16 Amps @ 240V

Price: $49.45

Not available for purchase on-line. To place an order please contact us at (715) 831-6353.


Additional Description: PM10510A Adjustable Pressure Switch. Adjustable pressure range of 20-50 inches of water Single Pole Double Throw, 16 Amps @ 240V. In Stock. Direct from USA Manufacturer.

Pressure switches are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers and instrument makers for low cost, stable switches and good repeat accuracy. Field adjustable using the hex head set screw at the center of the pressure switch. Pressure switch microswitches are in the open state before actuation point is reached. All switches are 100% tested at high and low settings and at proof pressure.

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