Foot Pedals

Foot Pedal Actuators

Presair air actuated foot pedals are shockproof, explosion-proof and waterproof.

The pneumatic foot pedals contains an internal air bellow. When pressed, it sends a pulse of air through a tube to an air switch. Action may be momentary, alternate or sequencing.

Presair also supplies electric foot pedals, which are a low profile option providing high performance at a low cost.

Many push button actuator options available for purchase. Give us a call and our direct customer service will be happy to help, 715-831-6353.

View more push button air actuators and air bellow product details or purchase our standard options in our online store by clicking below.

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Hard Foot Pedal

Hard Foot Pedals – Air

Made of glass-filled polypropylene. Standard black, with other colors available. Custom logo available.
B621BA        Rectangular shape 1/4″ O.D.
B721BA        Clam shell shape 1/4″ O.D.



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Soft Foot Pedal

Soft Foot Pedals – Air

Made of flexible PVC. Standard black, with other colors available. Available with tubing or air spout.

F800BA       Circular shape, 5/16″ O.D.or 3/8″ O.D.
B350BA       Low profile 1/4″ O.D. or 5/16″ O.D.



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Hard Electric Foot Pedal

Hard Foot Pedals – Electric

Electrical foot pedals are available with ratings up to 25 AMPS, 1 HP @ 120 VAC, 2 HP @ 240 VAC. Gold plated electrical contacts are available. Custom logos available.
E721BA        Clam shell shape

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