Christmas Lighting Using Air Switching Technology

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Christmas Tree Footswitch

Foot switch is easily accessible and disguised under the tree skirt.Using Presair’s air switching technology to turn electricity on and off with a foot switch, Christmas lights last longer without using a timer.

Using the PBA-01 converter box paired with an airfoot switch, wiring is made easy and safe. Simply attach the foot pedals air tubing to the plug in box, which connects to a 21 Amp SPDT air switch on the inside. Plug the converter box into an outlet, and plug your lights to the converter box. The converter box is then ready to perform on and off control to the lights or any appliance with the step of the foot; and can easily be disguised, like under your Christmas tree’s skirt. See the simple diagrams below!



Christmas Air Switch TechnologyThis foot-operated pedal offers a simple press and release action to turn your lights on or off. As you decorate your tree or yard this year, our Foot Pedal Air Switch will ease in their operation. Your hard to reach outlets are no problem with different lengths of tubing options available.

• Turn your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations on and off with ease

Air Switching Technology Diagram

• Features a soft foot pedal pedal for easy use – even a child would have fun using this

• Safe, Waterproof and Shockproof

• Christmas lights last longer without using a timer

Because our switches are weatherproof, And safe to operate outside try it on outdoor Christmas lighting

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