Foot Pedal Air Switch – PBA-01/F800BA

F800 Soft Foot Pedal
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Soft Foot Pedal Air Switch

Action: Alternate

UL Rating: 15 Amps

Color: Black

Tubing: 1/8″ Inner Diameter x 5/16″ Outer Diameter x 10 feet

Price: $49.45

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Additional Description: PBA-01/F800BA Foot Pedal Air Switch. Press and release for on, press and release for off. 15 Amps. Black soft foot pedal with 10 ft tubing.

Foot pedal air switch makes operating power tools and other electrical devices safer by using an air-actuated switch system to isolate the user from the current, even in wet or hazardous environments. The convenience of “hands free operation” allows remote control from distances even up to 100′ and it’s easy to install.  Commonly used for turning on/off lights, power tools, or outdoor equipment from a remote location.

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