MSA325B – Magictrol Air Switch Solenoid

Magictrol Air Switch with Solenoid
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Four function, Sequential Air Switch. See catalog pages below.

Switch Circuit: 3PDT

UL Rating: 25A@240VAC

Special Feature: Solenoid for air switching distances of 100 feet. Micro Switch Terminals are square to solenoid terminals.

Price: $60.45

How to wire four function air switch.  Learn more about four function air switches.  Purchase four function air switches.  Contact us about four function air switches.

Additional Description: MSA325B Magictrol Air Switch. Four function air switch actuates up to 100 feet from air bellow. Sequential air switch is 3PDT, 25A@240VAC. In stock. Direct from manufacturer.

The Magictrol Air Switch is used to sequentially switch up to four separate pieces of equipment. Each time an air pulse is applied, a stepping cam is rotated through three or four positions, actuating a combination of two or three microswitches. Magictrol switches can be used up to 15 feet away from actuator or foot pedal. Distances of 100 feet away can be reached with solenoid and momentary air switch.

Solenoid actuated four function sequencing switch. Solenoid is pulsed on and off for each Magictrol sequence step.

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