Over at Presair we discovered a new application for our pneumatic foot pedal air switch in an industrial application that was too good not to share! Plus, it includes a cool robot!

A customer has a piece of equipment that needs to operate when movement passes a sensor in a hazardous environment. The goal of the project was to automate the process as much as possible by pairing a robotic arm to operate the equipment. Using our hard foot pedal paired with an air switch, an object passes over the foot pedal, applying air pressure to the switch which signals the robotic arm to operate the equipment as the object is in position. Because the object is located in a wet, hazardous environment, using a pneumatic switching solution is a safe alternative to operate the robot to avoid damage when contact is made.

Pneumatic Foot Pedal Air Switch Description

Let your feet control the power. Plug the air switch converter box into a grounded outlet then plug your lighting equipment into the converter box. The converter box connects to a soft foot pedal, when pressed actuates the alternate action air switch turning on your lights. Alternate snap-action design means that you press down with your foot to turn it on and press the pedal again to turn off for complete hands free patio lighting!

    • Alternate snap-action design
    • Creates a hands-free environment
    • Completely isolated from electric equipment, indoors and outdoors

The Foot Pedal Air Switch Kit can also be used to power fountains, heat lamps, fans, and a multitude of power tools such as router tables, scroll saws, bench top sanders, and grinders.

Custom options and different actuators are available! Contact us for more details!

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