Pneumatic Foot Pedal Air Switch – Momentary Action


Presair’s pneumatic foot pedal air switch provides hands-free on and off operation of any appliance up to 15 amps! This foot-operated pedal offers press and release ease as well as an added measure of safety, simple press it once to turn it on, and release to turn it off. The 10 feet long air tubing provides you the mobility to reach your router tables, scroll saws, bench top sanders, grinders and more!

• Turn tools on and off while performing tasks that require both hands

• Features a soft foot pedal pedal for easy use

• Waterproof, Shockproof, and Explosion Proof


Pneumatic Foot Pedal Air Switch

plug-in air switch foot pedal

Let your feet control the power and free up your hands to focus on work. Plug the air switch converter box into a grounded outlet then plug your router, saw, drill press or lathe into converter box. The converter box connects to a soft foot pedal, when pressed actuates the momentary air switch turning on the equipment or appliance. Momentary snap-action design means that you press down with your foot to turn it on and then simply remove your foot to turn the foot switch off.

•  Momentary snap-action design

•  Foot pedal creates a hands-free environment

•  Completely isolated from electric equipment, indoors and outdoors

Foot Pedal Air Switch Kit Includes:

•  Plug-in Air Switch Converter Box

– UL Rated 15A@125VAC

•  Soft heavy duty foot pedal

•  10 feet air tubing (1/8″ I.D., 5/16″ O.D.)

For application and product details view the document below or contact us!

Learn more about the pneumatic foot switch Presair offers.  contact-us-button

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 5.5 in


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