Over here at Presair, we are dedicated to finding you a solution that will fit your application, cause less headaches, and save you a little money. We received a customer testimony from a facility that produces ink here in the U.S.A. The customer was looking for a more cost-effective solution to expensive digital gauges that would confirm if their valve has opened or not. They came across our vacuum switches and were thrilled with the function, price, and that they don’t even require power! Take a look at what the customer had to say below…

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“The switches work great. I am not using them where I’d be aware of set point repeat-ability, however. An automation machine turns on vacuum to a subsystem when in use. I like “closed loop” systems that verify the desired action has taken place. These passive pressure switches do just that – confirm the valve has opened before proceeding with ink processing operations. The actual vacuum integrity is measured elsewhere with a digital gauge on the common system. We now have 6 switched side ports whose operational configuration is confirmed with your pressure switches. I’m happy these exist or I’d have to use a bunch of (expensive and require power) digital gauges…”



As vacuum pressure is being released, a blow off valve opens up releasing more vacuum. Using our VM11140E Adjustable Vacuum Switch, the customer is able to sense that the blow off valve did in fact open. The switch then proceeds to tell the equipment to keep running as normal. (Click to enlarge diagram.)


Adjustable Vacuum Switch Details

Presair Vacuum Switches are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers and instrument makers for low cost, offering stable switches and good repeat accuracy.

Adjustable vacuum switches span the range on increasing vacuum of 2.5 inches of water gauge to 300 inches of water gauge. Vacuum switches can be adjusted by rotating the hex screw located at the center of the vacuum switch.

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Presair pneumatic switches are great for safe, economical control of consumer, industrial, medical or other products and appliances in wet, chemical or explosive atmospheres, or just for added safety.

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