Air switch technology for the medical industry

Electric medical equipment may create sparks that can shock an operator or patient, or there may be danger of igniting combustible gasses. Presair’s pneumatic remotely actuated switches are used when equipment manufacturers need to isolate the operator or the patient from electrically operated equipment. Commonly used in a variety of medical applications such as MRI Machines, Panic Alarms, Electrical Operated Beds, Operating Laser & Surgery Equipment. We also offer pneumatic differential switches for highly sensitive equipment.

Many of our products hold international approvals, including UL and CUL certifications. Common medical applications are illustrated below.

Medical Applications

Pneumatic Controls for Surgical Smoke Evacuators

Surgical smoke is produced when the tissue is destroyed by heat through the use of...
Smoke plume pneumatic controls Presair

Foot Pedal for Laser Epilation Equipment

Why do you need a foot pedal for your laser epilation equipment? Long term laser...
Laser epilation foot petal Presair

Monitoring Oxygen Levels at Veterinarian Clinic

Safely and effectively monitoring oxygen levels at a vet clinic is crucial when it comes...
Oxygen Levels Veterinarian Presair

Sensitive Air Pressure Switch Monitors Ventilators

With COVID-19 on the rise worldwide, the medical industry is facing a shortage of ventilators...
Ventilator Diagram Presair

Pneumatic Switching System in Float Tank

Recently, we came across a consumer that has been using Presair’s air switch and air...
Float Tank Switch Presair

Explosive Environments Use Air Pressure Switches

A customer required a switching solution for an air operated door. The door opens to...
Explosion Proof Air Pressure Switching Diagram
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