Troubleshooting Spa Air Switches


Many air switches are used to control various functions of hot tubs or spas. The air switch assembly has an pneumatic push button located spa sideB225WA Push Button Air Acutator, White and a pneumatic air switch located in the spa’s controller. There is a piece of air tubing that leads from the push button to the switch. This pneumatic control is a safe switching mechanism as it eliminates the possibly of user’s experiencing electrical shock, as there is no electricity at the point of actuation.


More times than many, when customers call Presair, we are able to help them find a solution to why the air switch in a spa isn’t working. Typically the operator is finding a kink or leak in the airline that is not allowing air to pass to the air switch to open or close the contacts. This is easily fixed by either replacing the tubing or relocating it.

Sometimes the issue is found with the push button or the switch. To determine where the failure is happening, follow the steps below:

  1. The operator can press on the air button assembly and listen for a ‘click’ sound in the air switch.
  2. If the ‘click’ happens, then the push button is sending enough air to trigger the air switch.
  3. If no click is heard, the air switch isn’t sensing air pressure therefore the issue lies with the air tubing or push button.
  4. If the switch doesn’t click, but makes a hissing sound like air is leaking from the air switch, then unfortunately the air switch diaphragm has blown and a new switch is necessary.
  5. Determine the type of switch for the suspect switch by looking up the identification number or by contacting the pool/spa dealer.

Now, what if the air switch is clicking, but still nothing is happening?

  1. Verify the correct operation of the switch circuit.
  2. Connect the multi meter to a set of power leg/switch leg poles.
  3. Since there are only two poles on a Tinytrol Air SwitchSPST air switch, make the connection to each pole. Operate the air button.
  4. The multi meter should, alternately, show continuity and no continuity, as the air button is operated.
  5. If the the multi meter does not show continuity of the air switch, replace the switch.



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